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Cooperstown Silent Auctions

As mentioned in the previous meetings, we are looking to hold 2 Silent Auctions this year. One will be held on Sat, Oct 4th during our Golf Scramble. The other will be held in February, during our Spaghetti Dinner.

All Cooperstown families are expected to generate $200 worth of donations to the Silent Auctions. Popular items are sporting tickets and memorabilia, restaurant gift cards, theme baskets, etc. Since we are a non-profit organization, we can give the donator our tax ID number to have a write off for their taxes. Click here is a list of previous items sold at previous year's silent auctions, as well as theme baskets they did.

I have also generated a form letter to give to companies explaining who we are, what we are looking for donations for, and why. If you pass any of these letters out, please personalize it by adding in the company name at the top, as well as who is giving the letter to them. They will need to know who it is from, who to ask questions, and where to send anything to. 

Click here for the new and improved donation form letter.

After you collect a donation, please send the company or individual the thank you letter. This will thank them for their generous donation, as well as give them a letter for a tax deduction.

Click here for the thank you letter.

09-25-14:  Here is the current list of what companies have donated and what companies have already been asked to donate. Once you have asked a company or received an item, please email me at pcwidness@comcast.net to tell me what you have done. I will add it to this list so we have a current list for people to view. I will try and update this every couple days and change the date so you know when the latest copy was.