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BTB Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are vital to any well-run program. For our program to continue to be successful, new volunteers are needed each year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any one of the board members for details. Each Traveling Baseball team will have volunteer positions to fill once teams are selected. These positions include, but are not limited to:

Team Manager

The team manager will perform all the necessary administrative duties for the team. This includes communicating schedules/information to their team, tournament travel organization, checking team into tournaments with birth certificates/roster forms, collect/hold players' birth certificates and medical information, uniform distribution, picture day coordination and facilitating volunteer sign up for Burnsville tournaments.  They will work with coaches and website coordinator in communicating information to their team. Team managers may delegate their duties to other team members. Time Commitment – On and off throughout the season


Sponsorship Representative

The sponsorship Rep is the main contact person for their team and work directly with the BTB Sponsorship Coordinator. They communicate with their team about the program and their team's responsibility during the sponsorship drive. They help identify potential sponsors, motivate their team, provide follow-up with potential team sponsors and work closely with the BTB Sponsorship Coordinator in getting the information BTB needs from their team sponsor. Time Commitment – beginning of the season.


Field Maintenance

The Field Maintenance position is usually a shared responsibility for all home games. They will arrive early to prep the baseball field for the game including raking, dragging, chalking and baseball placement. Time Commitment – field prep usually starts 45 minutes before home games -throughout the season



The scorekeeping position is based on the coaches needs. The official team score book is the main book for all home games. They maintain the books according to the coaches specifications. Time Commitment – present at games throughout the season; baseball scoring knowledge is a must for this position.


Web Page Coordinator

The web page coordinator is responsible for maintaining their team's BTB web page(s). They will work with their team coaches and manager in communicating information to their team. The coordinator will update the webpage with news bulletins, schedules, pictures, tournament information, game results, etc. Time Commitment – On and off throughout the season; need to access to a PC and be computer savvy.


Site Operation Director (SOD)

Time Commitment – Duration of Tournament Weekend
Position Descriptions
These positions will be stationed at the assigned site for the duration of the weekend. They will perform the following duties:
- Ensure site is prepared for the tournament on Friday afternoon
- Assist in initial stocking of concessions stand (be available to unload and organize when supplies are distributed)
- Organize site, including concessions stand, novelty sales, bathrooms are available,
- Manage the concessions and Novelties sales
- Check in and track volunteers for the site
- Ensure non-baseball issues are taken care of or escalated
- End of day securing of the concessions and any site lockdown (shared with Site Baseball Director)
- Ensure tidiness of site
- Track stock in concessions and request additional supplies when needed


Site Baseball Director (SBD)

Time Commitment – Duration of Tournament Weekend
The SDB is responsible for running the tournament at the age level. They will perform the following duties:
- Check in teams at the site - ensure birth certificates and teams rosters are presented
- Responsible for updating site tournament board and keeping official track of results
- Keep logs of innings pitched
- First point of contact for teams and umpires in case of issues.
- Determine rankings and slotting of brackets for their age groups - This will be done on conjunction with the Assistant Tournament Directors
- Determining the recipients of MBT, GSTC, and MSF berths, as well as keeping these records
- Handing out trophies at the conclusion of the Third place and Championship games.
- Participate in emergency planning committee in the case of rain or delays


Tournament Site Prep

Time Commitment – Duration of Tournament Weekend
This position will be partnered with 2 other individuals who will be responsible for setup, teardown, and concession replenishment of five tournament sites. This will include running supplies between sites or any other errands that may be needed in order for the tournament to run properly.


State Tournament Director

Time Commitment – Duration of State Tournament Weekend
Onsite representative for 13AAA or 13AA state tournaments


Notes about Signup

- Exempt members identified on signup sheets fall into one of the following categories: Board Members, Age Level Directors, Field Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Coaches, and Tournament Committee members
- Exempt members should not sign up for a position unless they intend to perform the role
- Volunteer positions assigned to the team are the team’s responsibility to fill. If an individual signs up for a position and does not perform that role, the team will need to provide a replacement
- Please do not signup unless you intend to perform the role – if you cannot you must find a replacement
- Each position needs a primary individual – the Site Operations Director positions can be shared, but there must be a primary contact.
- SBD, SOD, and Tournament Site Prep volunteers will not need to fill slots at the Burnsville Tournament