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Burnsville Invitational Tournament

2018 Tournament Rules


There are a few new rules for 2018 so please pass them on to your parents and coaches.


There will no scooters, bikes, skateboards allowed at any of the ball fields this year.  This is for the safety of everyone trying to enjoy the games.


There will also be no dogs allowed at the ball fields for the safety of all involved.


Burnsville has concessions at most locations this year so no coolers are allowed at the ball fields.  The only exception is Pacer as there will only be beverages there for sale on Friday and Saturday.



The tournament will be using the MBL/MBT rules and regulations.  These can be found on the MBT website … www.mbl.bz. 



Again, please read all rules carefully.  If you have any questions prior to the tournament, please see welcome letter for contact information








Any pool game resulting in a tie at the end of regulation or time limit will REMAIN a tie. 

There will be NO EXTRA INNINGS in pool play. 

Teams will receive 2 points = win, 1 point = tie and 0 points = loss.


10-12 no new innings start after 1 hour 45 minutes.  Hard stop reverts back to last completed inning at 2 hours.


13-15 no new innings start after 2 hours.  Hard stop reverts back to last completed inning at 2 hours 15 minutes.


Bracket Play


10- to 12-under:  6 innings / Game cannot end in a tie.

13- to 15-under:  7 innings / Game cannot end in a tie.







Pitch Count Restrictions:

 (MBL/MBT rules)


10U : 75 pitches per day/ 115 pitches per tournament

11U-12U : 85 pitches per day / 125 pitches per tournament

13U-15U : 95 pitches per day / 135 pitches per tournament