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Tournament FAQ
     Frequently Asked Questions: Where...
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Game and Practice Start Times and Duration
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Background Checks
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MN Concussion Law
  Minnesota Legislature's Concussion Law Requires...
Helpful Hints for using the BTB Website
  USE THE WEBSITE! Our goal is 100% of the teams...
How to enter game results
  BTB is looking for 100% compliance in entering...
Basic Information About Scheduling
BTB Line Up Sheet
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Age Level Director
  Contact your age level director for the following: Keys...
Tournament FAQ


 Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find information on outside BTB tournaments?



How many tournaments will each team play during the season?

BTB has each team participate in 4 tournaments during the season, which includes the BTB Tournament in June.  If a team places in a regular tournament, they may receive a bid to a state tournament during July.  There are 3 state tournaments:  MBT, GSTC, and MSF.  BTB will pay for 2 of these tournament entry fees. If your team qualifies for all three and wants to go to all three, your team will have to pay for the third tournament.



What are the coaches’ and managers’ responsibilities during a tournament?

In addition to preparing and coaching their respective BTB Team, coaches and managers have the following responsibilities:

  • Tournament preparation:  Confirm accuracy of tournament registration and understand key information, including tournament rules, field locations, and tournament schedule.
  • Tournament check-in:  Arrive early on the first day of the tournament to check in the team, which includes presenting age-verification documents, i.e. birth certificates, documents for state tournaments, and submitting any gate fees, etc.
  • Rosters:  Complete pre-tournament rosters with players’ names, ages, and related information.
  • Age verification:  Obtain copy of birth certificate for each player.
  • Parent communication:  Notify parents of tournament dates, location, and game times.
  • Roster additions:  Confirm player participation and add additional players as necessary if certain team members cannot participate in a particular tournament or game.



Where can information be found pertaining to specific tournaments?

  • BTB coaches are provided with a complete listing of tournaments for their teams that are chosen during the offseason. The listing will include links to tournament websites, which commonly have information such as tournament rules, brackets, field locations, and roster forms.  Also, the BTB coach may receive additional information about their tournaments from tournament directors that they are signed up to participate with.



How far in advance is tournament information available?

  • Most tournament information such as brackets or game schedules will not be available until about a week before a tournament. This information is occasionally available two to three weeks in advance, but more often than not, just a week before.


How are teams registered with respect to team name and coaches?

  • Since tournament registrations are completed before tournament teams are formed, most teams have been registered by their age level and color.  An example:  15AAA Black.
  • Coaching information is also unknown at time of registration, so most teams are registered by the ALD or BTB Treasurer.  Our website is then updated with our head coaches’ information, and the head coach or manager can be in contact with their respective tournament’s directors.


How are tournament gate fees handled?

  • Gate fees are common with MBT, Gopher State, and MYAS.  The fee generally ranges between $100-150 per team.  The team divides the total by the number of players. Gate fees are typically collected by the team manager, and the manager pays the gate fee when checking in the team.



Who is responsible for submitting team rosters to tournament directors?

  • BTB coaches or managers are responsible for finalizing and submitting team rosters to tournament directors.  Sometimes the rosters are required to be input online at the tournament website or possibly e-mailed in advance of the tournament.  Other tournaments require paper rosters be submitted at check-in.


What approach should be taken if a tournament team is short players?

  • Teams can use available players from another BTB team at the same age level, but only as long as they are on an equal or lower-classified team. For example, a AA team could use a replacement player from another AA team or an A team at that age level, but they could not use a player from a AAA team. It is also acceptable to use a BAC in-house player from the same age level.



What are common tournament rules that vary by age levels?

  • Bat-size restrictions
  • Baseball field dimensions
  • Stealing and sliding rules
  • Pitching restrictions
  • Balk rules
  • Player substitutions and reentry rules
  • Continuous batting rules
  • Others:  playing time, maximum runs per inning, tie-breaker rules



Where can I find more information on BTB baseball tournament?

Log In for Coaches and Managers

Log in for Coaches and Managers


Sign In is different than Edit My Account


Upper right corner of website

Select Sign In

top box = enter First and Last Name

bottom box = enter your personal password


This will give you access to your team's pages and schedule. Not member editing.

Game and Practice Start Times and Duration

Coaches, Managers and Team Web Managers - please ensure that game times must are entered with the scheduled start time, and a duration of 2 hours.  Practices must be entered with the assigned start time, and duration of no more than 90 minutes.  If you want players to arrive early, e.g, 15 minutes early for practices or 1 hour early for games, please make that a policy for your team but you cannot add that to your time in the official schedule.  Field scheduling is very tight, so any duplicate times, etc will prevent other teams from scheduling their correct start time.

Background Checks

Click here to access a document with instructions for completing a background check.   Note that the User ID and Password are both BTRBASE (in caps).

MN Concussion Law

Minnesota Legislature's Concussion Law Requires Online Training for All Coaches and Officials.  The Minnesota Legislature passed a "Concussion Law" which requires any municipality,  business, school district or nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity and charges a  fee to follow the statute's requirements, including implementing concussion training and education to improve player safety and establish safe return-to-play policies for athletes who sustain a concussion. The law mandates that: 

  • All coaches (head and assistants) and officials receive concussion training and education by September 1, 2011, and then at three-year intervals thereafter. 
  • Coaches must remove an athlete from activity if they exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion and/or are suspected of sustaining a concussion. 
  • The law also requires an appropriate health care professional's signature to return to play if an athlete is removed due to a concussion or is showing signs or symptoms of a concussion. 

The Concussion Education we recommend for coaches and officials is the online video training session developed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Federation of State High Schools. This course requires registration but is free. Over 200,000 coaches and officials have already successfully completed this course. The training process involves watching a video and then successfully 
completing a quiz. The entire training program can be completed in a little over a half an hour and then participants can print out a certificate on their desktop or print and scan the certificate to create a digital file. 

Each Tournament Director will be responsible for checking a copy of the concussion certificates from  every coach on their team prior to the team’s first game of the tournament. (Coaches should keep this concussion certificate with the player’s birth certificates). 
Coaches who do not complete the training course or do not have a copy of the certificate will be  ineligible to coach. 

Please click the link below to access the online concussion training, test and certification. 


Helpful Hints for using the BTB Website

Our goal is 100% of the teams posting practices, games, and tournaments, including start times and duration for all - especially practice times.   

Start Times and Accurate Event Durations Please!
Make sure each game and practice have a start and an accurate duration for all home fields. This helps us double check that BTB has not double booked a field. Start duration is the time period the FC has given you and not what time you want your team there (can be 2 separate things).

Entering Practices and Games - Using Notifications
When you add practices and games to schedule, recommended not to check boxes in the "Send Notices to" section for Team Managers and Team members and their parents because that will send an email/text to everyone on your team. Otherwise they will receive 30+ emails/text when adding all the new games/practices.
The Send Notice feature is really meant for changes and brand new games/practices. Examples:
- If an event is canceled
- Change to an event - location, time, etc.

Recommend sending a new bulletin posting/email to tell your team when games and/or practices have been scheduled. Texts should be short and to the point especially used for game changes - cancelations and field changes

Sharing photos, entering game results and the Trophy Case

You have a few options when sharing photos or other images.  Many teams will use photo sharing sites such as Shutterfly or Picassa - this is highly recommended.  Then you can simply create a link on your Team page to direct parents and players to the external site. 

You can also add images to a Bulletin (
please use LOW RESOLUTION photos - if you are unsure about this, please contact pcwidness@comcast.net).  Here's how to add an image to a bulletin.

  1. Edit or create a new bulletin.
  2. Click the image icon (6th image from the end - icon with green on bottom, blue on top – if you hover over the icons the name pops up)
  3. The Image Properties window opens (there is default text in the preview box).  Click Browse Server.
  4. The Upload Files & Create Folders window opens -  under Upload New file, click Browse
  5. The Chose File to Upload window opens…locate/highlight your image, then click Open.
  6. Click Upload. The window should close and now you are back on the Image Properties window.
  7. The image is now selected, please resize the image to be a width of 300 (pictures should stay under this size to keep the page formatting in place and also limit storage size).  The image will be able to be previewed in the window now. Click OK to save.
  8. Once the image is saved you can right click on it and select Image properties to re-modify size, etc.

Throughout the season, please be sure to enter your game results (including  tournament games) on your teams's site. 

  1. Go to your Results page from the Our Teams drop down.  Games will appear on the day of the game.
  2. Click the Edit (yellow pencil) icon to the right of the game information.
  3. Enter the Runs for your team, then the Runs for your opponent.  You may also enter game comments if you wish.
  4. Click Submit.

Your results will show on your page, and a scrolling list of all BTB results appears on the Home page of BTB. 

If your team places in a tournament, email the with your team name, tournament name, dates, city, and where you placed.  Please send HIGH RESOLUTION photos so we can edit/crop as needed.

How to enter game results

BTB is looking for 100% compliance in entering your team's results. After your team has played an event that would appear on your team’s Results page, this is the process for entering your team’s score and commentary.
Once on your team’s home page, select the Results page on the left.  You will see all Games or Tournament Games in a sorted list (Scrimmages will not show on the results page).  Select the edit icon of the game you want to enter the score.  "Edit – Game Results" screen will appear.

Here are the field names and their standards below:

Field Name Standards and Comments
Your Name Enter first and last name
Date, Start, Duration, Location, Category Already entered from scheduling system
Team Already entered from scheduling system – should be your team
Runs Enter numeric score
Opponent or Outside Already entered from scheduling system
Runs Enter numeric score
Comments Based on your head coaches guidelines and the BTB website guideline, you may enter comments, commentary or highlights
Submit To save data entered

Note: If you played other teams within BTB (AA Gold vs AA White), entering results is performed by the HOME team or work together on this.  Anything entered will appear on both team’s results pages.  Both teams can update the information so be mindful of the other team's needs and wants.

Basic Information About Scheduling


For Printable Document - click here


  • Use the website scheduling system
  • Have all BTB Home Field activities (games, practices, scrimmages, tournaments) listed – these will automatically appear on the BTB Master Schedule and team web pages.
  • Have game results entered (results are based on schedule system)



The HOME field schedule is controlled by the BTB Field Coordinator (FC).

  • Before any BTB fields are scheduled online for any BTB Home Field event such as practices/scrimmages/games on the BTB website by a team’s coach, manager or website coordinator, your team must receive authorization from the BTB Field Coordinator (FC).
  • FC will provide field/times for events. Practices will have a definite start and finish time associated with the BTB Field.
  • Make sure the Metro Baseball schedule matches your team online schedule because team members are depending on the BTB schedule. Your team does not want to forfeit because of scheduling error.
  • If you enter the mandatory data fields of the scheduling form, the system will not let you double book a home field. You will receive an error when trying to save.


Field Name Standards and Comments
  • MM/DD/YYYY or calendar feature
  • Common mistake is the wrong date especially the year
  • HH:MM then AM or PM; Make sure you are indicating am vs pm when scheduling
  • Same format as above – for all home field events enter a start and finished time based by FC
  • Make sure you are indicating am vs pm when scheduling.
  • Not putting a finish time may result in double booking the field - i.e. start 6:00p AND finish (blank) will show as 6:00p to 6:00p and then another team can schedule a field for 6:30p to 8:00p.
  • Standard game time is 2 hours per game – use this when entering events (not practices).
  • Must enter the start and finish time the FC indicated for practices; if you are practicing earlier or later – indicate in the notes section OR set a standard i.e. to arrive 15 minutes before a practice AND 1 hour before games (not entered into scheduling system)
  • Away games = TBD, Away Field
  • Home games = select from the drop down list of BTB home fields
  • For Burnsville tournaments – indicate Away Field
  • Select from drop down list = Either Practice, Game, Scrimmage, Tournament
  • Do not add additional items (even though some are already listed) under Other
  • If you have a non-field event such as a team party, please use the new bulletin for that information and not the schedule features.
  • On results page – these will be listed as separate items (Game, Tournament)
  • If you need to CANCEL an event, select this checkbox.
  • To un-cancel an event such as a re-scheduled game with same opponent, you may uncheck the box – modify the information and select Submit.
Season Default – current season
Team Select from drop down list = Your team
  • If you are playing another BTB team - Select from drop down list = opponents.
  • The game will show up on both calendars.
  • Both teams should not enter into the system because it would be double booking a field (if entered correctly, it will not let you save)
  • If you are playing a non-BTB team - Select from drop down list.
  • Try to use existing generic names – organization + team name – if it does not appear – see Other (below)
  • If your Outside opponent name is not listed in the drop down list in “Outside”, enter Outside opponents name here
  • Try to use existing naming hierarchy – organization + team name
  • Opponent name – may use names such as “Prior Lake Gold”
  • Do not indicate AAA , AA, or A
  • Note section is very small [32 characters max] - get to the point fast and abbreviate.
  • If away game - put location/field name
  • If your opponent is another BTB team, both teams can update the information so be mindful of the other team's needs in regards to jersey and times since it shows on both schedules.  So if you went in and changed it, it will override the previous entry.
Send Notices To:
  • Default is to send to 3 checked options (Team Managers, Team Members & their parents and officials.
  • Recommended to set up all your practices and field times without "Send notices to" (to many notices at once). THEN let your team know that if there are any changes to the current schedule, the team will receive a notification from the system about a change.
  • Select "send notices to: all 3 [easiest way] check boxes is the default.
  • Selecting SUBMIT will save the information and post to the schedule/calendar.
  • An error message appears if there is duplicate use of the field, missing or incorrect data format.




  • If you enter the mandatory data fields correctly, the system will not let you double book a home field.
  • Follow the FC process as directed to head coaches.
  • You MUST have authorization from the FC before even thinking about putting it on your calendar. i.e. sending an email with your potential practice dates and entering onto schedule before FC replies back.
  • Recommended that coaches schedule practices by the week or the month. Scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • FC reserves the right to cancel a scheduled practice to accommodate another team if a coach monopolizes the available practices times or fields.
  • Throughout the season, you will also need to contact FC if your game is rained out.  FC will coordinate the rescheduling of fields since teams with standing practices will need to be bumped.  If you are a coach of one of the teams being bumped, you will be contacted by FC to confirm the change.  Each game change must be OK'd by FC before it is officially logged into system.
  • Games have priority over practices so a practice may be canceled to allow another team to use the field for a rescheduled or make up game. The scheduled event will need to be cancelled for the new event to be added – coordinate ASAP.
  • In the event that a coach needs to reschedule a game, please check for field availability before selecting a date with the coach of the opposing team and contacting the FC. After approval, you may change or add the re-scheduled game yourself.
  • When the system does not allow you to save your information, it means that someone else has reserved that field during that date/time (only allows 1 team per time allotment for BTB fields only). Check out the field schedule to see who has the field reserved.  Try to work it out yourself and verify that you have the field, if there is a discrepancy, please work with the other team’s coach and/or the FC (he already authorized the field or there was a mistake).
  • You may cancel an event at anytime. If it isn’t due to weather, let the FC know so others may use field.
  • Metro Baseball League: for all age groups, there is 16 game standard except for 15s which have a 14 game standard.
  • You can add previous games to your schedule. It will appear in the results and calendar areas but not the schedule listing (only current and future events are listed).
  • Do NOT delete past events such as games, and tournament games. It will delete from the system forever.



  • No FC authorization is needed to schedule non-BTB fields such as tournaments (even BTB fields) and away games.
  • For these events, always list the field as TBD, AWAY FIELD and in the notes section list the field name

Practices: If a game is scheduled, teams may reserve the BC after a game scheduled on the field starts.             

Games: Teams that are scheduled for a game also have the BC and field reserved for ONE hour before game time. After the game starts, the BC is available to be reserved.



To view the scheduled events on a given date do one of the following:

  • Go to MASTER SCHEDULE under the ASSOCIATION menu; adjust the calendar in the middle of the page to the desired week; Scroll through all field events scheduled during that week to see if a field is available.
  • Go to MULTI SCHEDULE under the OUR TEAMS menu to choose which teams’ schedule you would like to view. You can select multiple teams (such as 14AAA, 14AA, 15AAA and 15AA) to view the scheduled games (and conversely the available dates and times) for the fields those teams play on, thereby bypassing having to scroll through the all of the games scheduled for all other age groups.
BTB Line Up Sheet
Printable BTB Line Up Sheet (2 per sheet)

PDF 8-1/2x11 one sided sheet that can be cut down the center for 2 usable line up cards.

Click here to download

also available under Association/BTB Documents
Age Level Director

Contact your age level director for the following:

Keys for the batting cages
Chalk for a field